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Empower Her
1:1 Makeup Lesson

A once-off 1:1 makeup lesson is an incredible way to upgrade your skills, learn from a professional, create familiarity with your features and learn to radiate from the inside out. This session aims to empower you to take control of your makeup abilities, curate a style that suits your soul and to learn to accentuate those naturally beautiful features. 


Introducing… EMPOWER HER!


These sessions will utilise your own makeup, beauty and brush collection - as well as my professional kit. I will teach you to work with what you ALREADY have and can suggest any potential gaps in your tool-kit that may be beneficial to your unique beauty goals and desires.


Whether you want to master your winged eyeliner, create a staple night-time look or sculpt those eyebrows to perfection for once and for all, an ‘Empower Her’ 3 hour makeup lesson is for you. 


This unique offering includes an optional small dose of ‘ceremonial cacao’ - a delicious, warm hot chocolate drink that opens the heart and promotes concentration and relaxation. 


With my help, your curiosity and the guaranteed fun we will have together, you will leave our session feeling empowered, inspired and ready to tackle the world, sister.


INTRODUCTORY OFFER RATE - Bookings in February & March -
Receive 15% off with the code ‘empowerher’
Further 10% of all profits will be donated to Women’s Aid in February & March


Remember sister, you were born beautiful. The least you can do - for both yourself and the world - is to show it off! 

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