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A Course in Self Love

Find your way home

To a path of self accpetance, rememberance and reconnection.


The course you wish they taught you in school

Authenticity with oneself, honesty, integridy, vulnerability, ease of movement, healthy boundaries, inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, connection, integtedy, truth, kindness, compassion, flow, freedom of expression, lightness of being

A Course in Self Love


I would like to introduce you to yourself.

Yes, yourself!


Did you know that you are in fact already a beautiful and powerful person, with fantastic gifts and strength inside of yourself, already at your disposal and just waiting to be recognized?

If you said no...

Whether brand new to the radical concept of 'self love' or knee deep in your own healing journey of self exploration, this course lays the groundwork for personal transformation, acting as an incremental step to put your best foot forward in the world.

Then that's okay. This world has a funny way of causing us to forget our unique potential and who we really are.

With all these forms of instant connection, we seem to have lost connection with the one thing that matters;



You see, you were perfect when you came into this world. 

Maybe your job here on earth isn't to shift humanity into a new realm of consciousness, maybe it isn't to save the rainforest.


Your very gifts lie within your own unique nature that is unique to you! Nobody else can take away what is already yours. So, let's stop spending so much time fitting into the shoes of others or what is expected of us and simply remember who we already are.

This is the course that will help you do just that.

One of a kind, this course was channelled to me. 

our magnificient potential and diminish our self worth. Always coming and going and striving and chasing is exhausting! No wonder we have forgotten our pure and utter majesty.

This course does not...

require you change your body-type

rely on the ability to become somebody else


This course simply reminds you who you already are, that in fact there was nothing ever wrong to begin with and that you are in fact the holder of your own magic.


Your soul is calling, it's time to come home.


It's time to remember.

This course embodies the wisdom of our connection to the world around us;


This course reminds us that healing is always readily available.


With a guidebook of self healing tools at your disposal


using the power of the natural seasons and the lunar cycle, alongside ancient teachings from yogic traditions such as the Chakra Systems, Ayurveda and general philosophy


combines ancient wisdom from the yogic tradition including Ayurveda and the Chakra system, alongside Mother Nature's teachings on how to work with the seasonal and lunar cycles alongside your inherent body's intelligence to catapult you back into your being, to remind you of your greatness already within.

This is a course of self healing, love and acceptance.

The one that our hearts have all been waiting for.


Together, we will ask for guidance from spirit Cacao of the menstrual cycle wisdom

A Course

Self Love


A 4-week journey held within a sacred circle held together by a web of virtual sisterhood, connection and self-love...


Welcome to the Self Love Club

Join myself and a virtual sisterhood throughout 4 radical weeks of self love. Together, we will unravel the knots that keep us held back, break through emotional blockages, explore our playful creativity, heal the parts of us that need some TLC and thus and plant the seeds for a brighter future. 

Are you ready to see yourself through the eyes of love? 

Why Self Love?



notes to include 

- you can't pour from an empty cup

- feel the love for yourself

Course Objective:

Lead a life more aligned with yout true nature

Learn how to give yourself the self care necessary to thrive

Become your own best friend

Adopt healthy habits to help you along your journey

Connect with like-minded women


a safe space

No spirituality necessary.

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Creative emotional release

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plant seeds

Set intentions toward your happier healthier self. We will work through the chakra system to heal our emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. No spirituality necessary, but a curiosity to expand and grow.

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Learn to live your life in flow with the cyclic nature of women.

We will use Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Ayurveda and moon charting. Begin to heal from inner wounds through guided meditation, space-holding, journalling. Unlock your true feelings. 

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Gain delicious tips, healthy habits and self-care rituals to nurture your inner and outer self. Remember your potential. 

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Stay connected with a bunch of like-minded women on the self loving journey. Plant the seeds for a brighter future. Solid foundation.

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Are you ready

to finally see yourself

through the eyes of love?

Your Girl Guide

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Interested? Have some more questions? Email

A 4-week sacred circle held together by a virtual sisterhood.


Welcome to the Self Love Club

Join myself and a virtual sisterhood throughout 4 radical weeks of self love. Together, we will unravel the knots that keep us tied up, break through emotional blockages, explore our playfulness and creativity, heal the parts of us that need some TLC and thus and plant the seeds for a brighter future. 

We will be working with the energy of the lunar cycles to support our 4 week journey. Beginning on a new moon, we will wax, come to fullness wane and begin again along our journey to the self.


Women are battened down by body insecurities.


Together, we will learn the importance of self-love rituals, a healthy diet


We will learn about astrology, the menstrual cycle, the inner and outer Seasons, Ayurvedic perspective of life., yoga philosophy, emotional release, Syncing our lives with the menstrual cycle,  It's time to reclaim your power.



In a world that profits off your insecurities, loving yourself is a rebellious act. 

Plant the seeds to a brighter future and finally see yourself through the lens of love.

Join me and a virtual sisterhood of self-love as we travel together in a journey of self-love and kindness. 

It's time to remember your brilliance, why you came here, who you really are. 

This course does not ADD to your life. It is a peeling back

Explore self loving rituals, yoga and meditation, creative expression


self loving rituals, connected with a virtual sisterhood community which honours your expansion and plants the seeds for your dreams...

This course includes... 

- Intention Setting

- Self Love Rituals 

- Building Healthy Habits

- Positive Self Talk Exercises

- Self Loving Homework

- Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

- Working with Gratitude 

- Listening To Body

- Self Kindness, Forgiveness Mantras

- Chakra Focus

- Recognition of Dreams 

- The Importance of Movement V Rest

- Working With the Seasons

- Baggage Detox

- Body Acceptance Exercises & Rituals 

- Menstrual Cycle Awareness

- Guided Meditations

- Journaling Exercises

- Inner Child Work

- Chanting Exercises

- Recommended Reading List, Music Playlists

- Poetry Readings

- Healthy Eating Guidance

Have you forgotten what it means to be 'you'? Maybe found yourself in cycles of self sabotage or repeated negative self talk?

with a professional photoshoot that represents your authentic nature


- Reconnect To Yourself

- Open Your Heart

- Remember Your Power

- Connect To Nature

- Shift Your Mindset

- Trust Your Intuition

- Deepen Your Connection

- Appreciate Your Body

- Learn to Love Yourself

Tools used:

Ayurveda (eating for dosha)


Menstrual Cycle

Lunar Cycle



Yin Yoga

Cacao Opening & Closing

Guided Meditations

Sharing Circles

Poetry Readings


New + Full Moon Ceremonies

(Intentions & Forgiveness)

Menstrual Charting

Self Love Rituals

Healthy Habits Building

Gratitude Journalling prompts

Media Consumption Detox

Foundations of Course:

- Self Love, Forgiveness & Compassion



Listening To Body

Spirituality (briefly)

Quantum Physics (early on)


Sarah Marshall

Snow Lukka


Inner Child Work

The Body Holds The Key

At Home Inner Child Prompts:

What was my favourite food?

What book helped me most? Why did I relate to this book so much?

What was my favourite activity?

What was I really good at?

Where was my favourite place to spend time?

What did I like about this place?

What was the earliest pain I remember?

How did that make me feel?

Am I still holding onto that grudge?

How would forgiving that person feel?

How would forgiving myself feel?

What did I want to be when I grew up?

What did I always get in trouble for?

What was I trying to express?

Are my beliefs inherent or did I take somebody elses?

What did I feel shameful for?

What was my inner child trying to reach out for? Can I give that to myself now?

If I could go back in time, I would tell my inner child ____

Finding Your Joy:

What activity brings me the most joy in life?

would I do if I had no limitations?

What would I do if money didn't exist?

How would I spend my time

Can I give myself 1% of that?

Teenage Self

Who was my best friend as a teenager?

What did I admire about my best friend?

What pain was my teenage self experiencing?

What did my teenage self find hard to express?

What lessons have I learned from my teenage self?

If my teenage self was in front of me, what would she tell me?

If my teenage self was in front of me, what would I tell her?

What did my teenage self always get in trouble for? 

What do I admire about my teenage self?

What could I learn from my teenage self?

What did my teenage self most want?

Can I give that to her now?

If I could go back in time, I would tell my teenage self ____

Present Self

Who is my nearest and dearest?

What do I love about this person?

This person makes me feel...

My favourite thing to do alone is

My favourite kind of movie is....

My favourite thing to do with friends is...

A favourite meal I haven't eaten in ages is...

My favourite restaurant is...

What would my best friend say my best quality is?

How connected do I feel to my friends and family?

Is there something I can do to deepen our connection?

Am I expressing my true self to my friends and family?

Am I afraid of expressing my true self to my friends and family?


Opening & Closing Meditation

Cacao on first and last day

Introduction on each topic

Powerpoint presentation

Future Self

In my wildest dreams...

What country would I live in?

What do I like about that country?

What kind of home would I live in? Describe every detail.

If I could have any life I imagined...

What job would I have?

Why would that job suit me?

How would I spend my weekends?

This is Who You Are

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