Who am 


My name is Martha Ryan and I am a Creative Artist, Writer & Yoga Teacher that embodies the truth, beauty and purpose of life throughout my pursuits. 


Working as a Professional Makeup Artist for 8 years, my ethos remains strongly as 'beauty from within'. Establishing my business from a young age, I gradually became a reputable Artist amidst Ireland's makeup scene. My work applauds the individuality and diverse femininity that women inherently share.

Art has always been my primal means of expression. Creativity allows us, as human-beings, to access a much deeper part of ourselves that otherwise lays beneath our conscious awareness. In doing so, we invite personal transformation to take place by uncovering our own hidden treasures of self-truths. Writing, for me, is an elixir for the soul. My words are used as reminders of our connection to one another and, more importantly, ourselves. 


Along my own journey of self discovery, I​ have been called to explore artistic endeavours of a more holistic nature. Thus, I spent 2 years working in yoga studios and natural healing centres; managing the creative aspects of businesses such as written content, website design, social media management and photography. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher (250hr) that cherishes the safe environment in which one can embody a path of self acceptance & healing through the sacred teachings of Yoga.

Photography is another passion that perspectively shines a light upon the subtle, unifying essence that connects us all; often overlooked by the naked eye yet delicately transpired through photographs. Additionally, I run a health-food blog 'My Tasty Soul' which encourages healing from within. Using a plant-based diet as nourishment for the soul, my purpose is not necessarily to create recipes that heal, but rather to shift our perspective toward the healing powers of our relationship with food itself.

Each branch of my own tree is connected by a power which governs the full spectrum of life; both yin and yang, darkness and light. It is through my own years of self healing in the face of adversity that allow me to explore the multidimensional avenues of creativity that life continually offers. Embodying my truest nature - as an Artist, as a human being, as a soul - allows me to live in alignment not only with my own path, but with the ebb and flow of creation itself.

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