Who am 


I am an Creative with a passion for writing, mental well-being and holistic health through self development, yoga, nature and plant-based living. 

Working as a Makeup Artist since 2012, I believe that real beauty shines from within - which I aim to achieve through my work using ethically sourced and cruelty-free products wherever possible.


Additionally, I work as a Freelance Writer, a Creative Content Executive and Marketing Manager for established yoga studios and holistic centres. In my spare time, I run a plant-based food-blog - My Tasty Soul, a spiritual blog - My Holistic Soul - both sharing a focus of healing mind, body and soul. To further my self development, I am also undergoing 250 Hr Yoga Teacher Training.

I hope that throughout my own journey, I may also inspire others towards a path of unconditional self-love, liberation and happiness from within. Working from the heart has enabled me to use my unique skill-set to connect with and encourage others to appreciate the beauty of life - and more importantly, of themselves.


The Journey

2012 - 2017

After graduation from Senior College Dun Laoghaire in 2012, I spent 5 years building my business as a professional Makeup Artist. As my name grew & expertise refined, I was soon teaching masterclasses nationally. My work has been featured on CNN, The National Lottery, The Irish Sun, The Voice of Ireland, Don't Tell The Bride, The Irish Star, TV3, Exposé & RTÉ.

I also have presented masterclasses for top beauty brands such as From Matte To Metallic and Makeup Atelier Paris. However, my true passion was applauding the individuality of each private client that sat in my chair.




Despite my successful career, inside, I felt as though I was doing the world a dis-service by continually covering the beauty of so many girls. Overworked and uninspired, thus began the decline of my own mental and physical health.


In April 2017 I stopped working and began a lengthy battle with my body and mind, leaving me hospitalised.

Unfortunately, I had to endure a great deal of suffering before realising that I in fact might have had the answers I had been seeking. No diagnosis satisfactory - I knew there was something deeper to this internal war. So, I welcomed the pain to understand where it had come from in the first place.


Thus began the journey to the self.


2018 was the first year that I stopped trying to be somebody and simply started to be - to find out who I was beneath the identity I carried. I used therapy and spiritual pursuits such as yoga & meditation to travel down the path of self realisation which gave me a deeper understanding of life as a whole. Layer by layer, I continued to excavate the social conditioning and unconscious beliefs that had been buried inside.

For the first time, I felt free to be me. With each challenge overcome along the way, life began to get brighter as I found my way home.


I know now that if it wasn't for my suffering, I would not have found peace and learned the ability to build myself from the ground up, collecting a beautiful new perspective along the way.

I feel humbled to have gathered a myriad of skills that can help so many and for that reason, I am also a volunteer for 'Look Good Feel Better' - a charity which uses the power of make-up to help rebuild self-confidence for women who have gone through cancer treatment. 

For the first time, I am grateful for everything that has happened to me as each triumph, trauma and tragedy was although unbeknown at the time, a gateway to myself. Turning my life around from one controlled by fear, guided by my ego to one liberated by love, guided by my soul has stopped me from feeling like a victim of this world but a human being with an integral contribution to share. 


I believe that we, as humans hold great responsibility through our actions for ourselves, society and our planet - and the best way to cultivate growth is by living a life that aligns with our true purpose, passion and nature. Self development is my passion and I simply hope that no matter where this journey takes me, that I can be a small source of change to this world in a positive way. 





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