Artist, Human, Soul.

My name is Martha Trudi Ryan. 
I am a Writer, Healing Guide & Multidisciplinary Artist.

Through every endeavour, I support others to nurture their mind, grow their spirit and expand their dreams into reality.

Self-love is paramount to the work that I do. By listening truthfully to our own heart and soul, we listen to the heart and soul of the world; uncovering our purpose, dare to speak. 

By cultivating a meaningful relationship with ourselves, we can relate to the world in an authentic, truthful way; sensitive yet strong, humble yet wise and grounded yet truly visionary.

It is my passion, pleasure and honour to inspire others to recognize their capability to love themselves and the world around them in their own unique way.

Through my own unique celebration of being, I remind others to hold this sacred intimacy with life, one another and themselves.

This is what I teach, share and live with love.


Sara-Jayne Cawley

"Martha's words have a way of welcoming you home and connecting you to the true essence of who you are."

My work spreads across a wide variety of mediums though ultimately
I am an Artist & Creatrix; specialising in Holistic Health & Wellbeing

I help soulful women expand their projects and dreams by offering my creative hand. Several years experience working in the holistic health & wellness industry, alongside a decade as a professional Artist, allows me to contribute to this planet with heart, mind & soul in a creative, collaborate and meaningful way.

Some of my professional work and life-trainings include photography, website design, writing, graphic design, menstrual health, cacao therapy, yoga and meditation, chi nei tsang, shamanic healing and makeup artistry.

Diverse in their nature, each artistic and spiritual endeavour shares the same undercurrent; rooted in authentic connection to our truest human nature. 

My spectrum of work to date is the result of breaking through tremendously challenging life experiences to understand what it means to be truly alive here on earth. I believe we unlock our truest potential when we learn to accept, love and understand ourselves beyond measure.
It is my greatest honour to help you recognize the same.



Aisling, Nutritionist
AOK Nutrition

"If you allow Martha to have creative freedom, this is where the magic will happen."

Forest Path

"Diverse in their nature, each branch of my own tree is connected by a power which governs the full spectrum of life; both yin and yang, darkness and light. It is through my own years of self healing in the face of adversity that allow me to explore the multidimensional avenues of creativity that life continually offers." 


Martha Ryan Artist Writer

My own healing journey began after many years neglecting my own mental and physical health lead me to an illness that I couldn't recover from without getting to the root of my perpetual suffering.

For years, I disregarded my health by eating harmful processed foods, drinking alcohol to excess but most detrimentally; avoiding emotional issues that I had buried inside. Illness became normalised as I took daily medication for digestive issues, migraines, hormonal imbalances and mental health problems before realising that all of these separate symptoms were actually interlinked.

Tests, biopsies and hospitalisations failed to reveal the cause of my crisis decline in 2017, provoking the breakdown of my mind, body and soul which saw me hospitalised, bedridden, wheelchair bound and void of all vitality. Losing my weight, hair and menstrual cycle lead me to lose all hope entirely.

And it was in this hopelessness that I found myself.​

No longer subscribing to the 'pill for every ill' mentality, I spontaneously awakened to the idea that perhaps my body, mind and soul were not mechanical systems working independently of one another but rather interconnected, synergetic, holistic and wise.
With nowhere else to turn, I went inside

Suddenly, I knew (without knowing how I knew) that I had the power to heal myself. If a lifetime of self loathing suppression lead to illness, then a new chapter of self loving expression could lead to wellness. So, I began to listen to my body's cues, aches and signals as
intelligent messages sent from a place beyond my intellect.

By allowing myself to experience every flowing emotion, I learned that even the darkest feelings are transient in nature; awakening me to our cyclical nature as human beings. By surrendering to inner pain, I unleashed the dawning power of peace. The years of suppression, repression and depression were simply the consequence of rejecting my nature as a human being;
with my own inner seasonal shifts that rhythmically ebb and flow, too.

Layer by layer, I allowed myself to softly unravel within my own arms.
Experiencing the relief only known through grief, the rebirth only known through death;
I learned what it meant to be truly alive.

Through adopting a holistic perspective, processing inner wounds & shifting to a natural lifestyle, I laid the groundwork for an attitude of self love, forgiveness and compassion to flourish.
Over time and with a lot of hard work, my body, mind and spirit began to heal.

The road hasn't been easy. It has been earth shatteringly exhausting, infuriatingly isolating
and even excruciating at times, but breathtakingly beautiful and rewarding beyond measure. 

Our bodies are not only temples; they are our homes. Embracing our body's intelligence and learning to love ourselves is a "thank you" to our ancestors, Mother Earth and this galactifying Universe for gifting us with this sacred existence.

We are each holistic beings; part of a whole integrative system, interconnected with one another and the natural world around us. Through embracing each aspect of ourselves - the light and the dark - we can each find the fundamental inner strength to heal, grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams. My first-hand experience enables me to, so deeply, connect with others who wish to awaken to their own innate power and fullest potential.

I now believe we each have the ability to transmute our suffering into serenity, pain into peace and experience into evolution. I am grateful, now, for everything that has happened in my life as each triumph, trauma and tragedy was, although unbeknown at the time, 

a gateway

to myself.

Thank you for reading x