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Artist, Human, Soul.


My name is Martha Ryan

I am a Multidisciplinary Artist & Holistic Healing Guide

spans across Writing, Photography,

Website Design, Graphic Design & Makeup Artistry.

ranges from Yoga Teaching, Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Reiki & 1:1 Self Love Sessions

With a specialty in the holistic health & wellbeing industry, my passion is to support the growth, expansion and success of those with their own mission to make this world a better place.


I do this through the combination of my soulful spirit and creative gifts which synergize into every service offered, experienced shared and connection created.

Creation, Connection & Collaboration are the three keys that support my journey to give back to the world; as an Artist, as a Human, as a Soul.


I'm here to transform visions into actualization and dreams into reality. It is my passion, pleasure and honour to help like-minded souls share their mission with the world, to shine their light and to express their heartfelt purpose in their own unique way. 

I am Martha Ryan, who are you?

Through every endeavour, I support you to nurture your mind, grow your spirit and expand your dreams into reality.

Self-love is paramount to the work that I do.

By cultivating a meaningful relationship with ourselves, we relate to the world in an authentically loving way; sensitive yet strong, humble yet wise and grounded yet visionary.

I remind others to hold a sacred intimacy with life, one another and themselves.

It is my passion, pleasure and honour to inspire others to recognize their capability to love themselves and the world around them in their own unique way.

This is what I teach, share and live with love.


Sara-Jayne Cawley

"Martha's words have a way of welcoming you home and connecting you to the true essence of who you are."

My work spreads across a variety of mediums though ultimately
I am an Artist specialising in Holistic Health & Wellbeing.

I help soulful women to find self-love and expand their wildest projects & dreams.

Many years experience working in the holistic health & wellness field from the front-line as a 'Healer' to the back-end as a Creative allows me to contribute to this industry with a true holistic heart, soul and extensive understanding.