I am a Cacao Practitioner offering healing sessions with this heart opening plant medicine. My work focuses on creating an authentic connection with the truth of your own heart; awakening you to a powerful journey of self-love, acceptance and healing.

Chocolate Therapy


Cacao is a beautiful, safe and effective heart-opening plant medicine used as a catalyst for deep, yet gentle, inner healing work. Through a miracle combination of organic active compounds including the bliss chemical and the body's natural ecstasy, Cacao facilitates a mystical inward journey, where the only destination is home to your own true human nature; unconditional love.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao contains within it an abundance of healing magic that deemed it 'Food of The Gods' among ancient tribes in South & Central America. It works, like all plant medicines, to expand your state of consciousness and bring you back into harmony with all of life. She does this through awakening the strength and power of your own heart-centre.



Heal, Rest, Restore

Cacao allows you to step out of the daily grind and into a blissful state of your own being. She is a beautiful ally for meditation, inner healing and yoga practices.


Remember Your Heart

Cacao is an excellent heart medicine to release old wounds and insecurities. She increases our capacity to love by reminding us of our strengths.


Welcome 'The Zone'

Cacao provides us with inspiration to create and then invites a 'flow state' which allows us become absorbed in our creative projects and ideas.


Authentic Living

Cacao increases our feeling of connection with the world around us. Whatever we want to connect more deeply with, Cacao can facilitate the journey.




Through showing you the love that is already inside, Cacao reminds you of your talents and gifts; the parts of yourself that you have hidden away, the light that you have dimmed for others and the little granules of pain that you've kept buried beneath the surface. By opening you up to unconditional love, she allows you to access the power of your own heart, feelings and truth which can then be transformed into beauty and healing.


Cacao invites you to truly acknowledge the aspects of your life that need healing and will provide you with an abundance of love to meet any situation with inspiration and vigour. Unlike other plant medicines, Cacao's strength is in her gentleness. She will lovingly guide you along a journey of self exploration while keeping you in the driver's seat; present, aware and totally in control of the pace and depth of your journey. As my teacher Paula Gibson says "She is the passenger, and gives you the keys!"


Sara Jayne

"Martha's words have a way of welcoming you home and connecting you to the true essence of who you are."


"After Martha's cacao ceremonies I always feel inspired, relaxed and at ease."







The Natural High

Similar to caffeine, theobromine doesn't affect your nervous system. Instead, it increases our blood flow around and to the heart. Therefore, the 'high' experienced feels natural, organic and is sourced from an overflow of energy from our very own heart. This means that there is no 'peak' experience or comedown! Instead, we ride a smooth flowing wave of love.


The Zen Effect

Relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Responsible for over 300 processes in the body, magnesium is deemed essential to say the least. Beyond providing necessary function, however, magnesium is also a relaxant which allows for us to drop deep into relaxation and meditation. Cacao is the third highest source of magnesium in the world!


The Bliss Chemical

Cacao is the only known food in the world to contain this special molecule. Ananda means 'bliss' in Sanskrit, humanity's first language. Anandamide is responsible for feelings of connection, an ability to feel deeply and access a higher state of consciousness through sipping Cacao. 


The Love Chemical

This baby provides us with a big hug of serotonin and dopamine. Phenethylamine releases all of our happy hormones and is known as the body's natural ecstasy. It allows us to become absorbed in our intention, dropping us deeply into a 'flow state' with our practices such as art, dancing and creativity.


Cacao Ceremonies are an excellent way to explore cacao within a group environment. They are a safe way to introduce yourself to the world of cacao with others undergoing a similar process of self exploration. Meditative, conscious energy is often amplified within a group setting and can create a connective healing experience. Sitting with intention beside others on a healing journey is where magic happens! 

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


Cacao can be experienced solo through a guided 1-to-1 session. This allows you to dive deep into your own inner world while receiving undivided attention, guidance and support throughout your journey. Working with Cacao alongside guided meditation, visualisation and other soulful practices will help you to work through issues, rediscover your light and reclaim the strength and truth of your heart-centre.



Ceremonial Cacao is beneficial to anybody that wishes to connect more deeply with their own lives and personal practices. When paired with meditation, Cacao allows you to 'drop deeply' into a state of utter relaxation and repair. Alternatively, Cacao's uplifting compounds allow her to become a beautiful buddy for dancing, yoga and other movement practices. Couples can benefit from using Cacao for it's connective, heart-opening and aphrodisiac properties. For Artists and Writers, Cacao allows you to drop into 'the zone' more easily; turning you into a stream of pure conscious, creative energy.

Whatever she is paired with, Cacao brings forth a deep emotional connection to yourself which then allows you to move forward with your life in a way that aligns you closer to who you really are. She allows each of us the access to our own portal of light, of love and Universal connectivity - whatever that may mean for us. 


With Gratitude

Cacao has taught me that the best secrets lie within. Through working with her extensively, I have learned that self healing does not mean becoming somebody else, but rather it reminds you to love who you already are and always have been. Awakening our hearts is a fundamental process to live a life in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. It is my honour to share this heartfelt magic with you.


Group Ceremonies

Discover the power of a group circle with shared, loving intention. Connect with the truth of your heart in a non-judgemental space that welcomes you exactly as you are. This is where real magic can happen!

Online Ceremonies

Join our interactive online space to connect with like-minded souls from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy hours of meditation, poetry and connection which melt you into a chocolate bubble of self loving bliss.

1 - 1 Sessions

Receive personalised guidance tailored to your body, mind and soul. We will use Cacao to get out of your head and back into your heart, leaving you feeling lighter and more expansive than before.

A Course in Self Love

Join this beautifully heart opening course in self love. Awaken your heart's unlimited capacity. Leave with an abundance of self-care tips, practices & rituals


If you are looking to connect deeply to who you are then Martha's Cacao Ceremony is the ceremony for you. She guides you on a beautiful journey with her meditations that are always 100% written by her and contain that Martha magic.

Martha’s words have a way of “welcoming you home” and connecting you to the true essence of who you are. I highly recommend Martha’s Cacao Ceremonies; each ceremony is a truly authentic experience filled with lots of love and Cacao bubbles.

Cacao Ceremony Attendee

Martha embodies the qualities of Cacao. She has the ability of holding a safe and welcoming space, inviting you to come as you are and be yourself. 


My favourite part is the guided meditations created by Martha, she has the gift of poetry and a beautiful inner world. Also if you don't know her, Martha is a great craic and has a fab taste for music! 


After her ceremonies I always feel inspired, relaxed and at ease. This is a great experience and a gorgeous self care treat, I couldn't recommend it enough. 

Cacao Ceremony Attendee






I am an official Keith's Cacao Practitioner. You can purchase cacao directly through the Keiths Cacao website by clicking here

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