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Beauty from Within
Makeup & Self-Love Workshops

Unlike any other typical beauty and makeup workshop, this event focuses primarily on 'beauty from within'.

Alongside a makeup masterclass from professional Makeup Artist Mrtha ryan, 


A Gathering of Minds, Hearts & Souls...

Creative Writing + Poetry workshops benefit anybody wishing to cultivate a deeper self connection, open-heartedness and personal expression. 

These workshops are an explorative, playful and safe way to observe our inner and outter worlds with more self-compassion, conscious awareness and an enlightened perspective not ordinarily available.

Learning to express ourselves through writing allows us to take life's adversity and transform it into beauty. 

Regardless of the difficulties life may bring, these workshops encourage participants to harness the alchemical power found within the challenges of life that can awaken our potential to grow as human beings. 

 Fuinneamh Festival '23
Creative Writing + Poetry Workshop
Lotus Tribe Area, Holistic Village

This space becomes opportunity to connect not only with our own soul's whispers, but with the hearts of our peers, colleagues and fellow participants.


Creative Writing & Poetry workshops are inspirational, safe and soul-centric spaces that encourage our heartfelt expression, our vulnerability and ultimately, bring us into a closer connection with who we really are.

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