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I create content for businesses and individuals who's ethos align with my own.

During my break from the makeup industry, my interest shifted towards holistic health and well-being. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to use my passion for writing combined with my experience of self employment to begin my career in marketing for wellness brands, working between various established yoga studios, health food shops and holistic centres as 'Creative Content Executive', 'Digital Marketing Manager' & 'Social Media Manager'


Blending my creative flair with extensive knowledge of  yoga, holistic health, mental well-being and a plant-based lifestyle, my writing skills allow me to deliver specialised content including informative and appealing articles, personalised website design, professional biographies and well-written descriptive pieces. 


I also regularly manage the social media and marketing content for well known health & wellness businesses. Some of the businesses I have worked alongside include The Dublin Wellness Centre, The elbowroom, Tree of Life Holistic Centre, Yin & Tonic Cafe, Mr. Green Fresh Food, The Bridal Box. and AOK Nutrition.

My work allows professionals to add personal touches to their professional profile, exhibit accomplishments & expertise, all while connecting with clients on a more approachable, genuine level.


I am also the owner of two blogs; My Tasty Soula plant-based food blog and My Holistic Soula philosophical self healing blog, both of which encourage healing of mind, body and soul.

My creative content is mostly utilised between businesses for articles, photography, press releases and social media management which allows my love of writing to shine throughout every endeavour.


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