My Tasty Soul

The food we choose for ourselves has the ability to harm or heal; becoming either a catalyst or cure for dis-ease in the body. Furthermore, our attitudes towards ourselves, and self inflicted stress endured, can also become detrimental to our well-being. 


My Tasty Soul is a plant-based food blog which encourages healing from within, using a natural, plant-based diet as nourishment for the body and an attitude of loving-kindness as nourishment for the soul. Throughout my own healing, I have learned that it is our relationship to food that matters most. 

The My Tasty Soul website hosts a myriad of homemade recipes however the Instagram page is where you will find my regular photos, words of encouragement and gratitude for the food created for us by Mother Earth; reminding us of our connection with nature and all life itself.

To enquire about anything foodie-related, email me here

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