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My Tasty Soul

My Tasty Soul is a plantbased food blog​ which encourages healing from within; using a natural, plant-based diet as nourishment for the body and an attitude of loving-kindness as nourishment for the soul. 

Alongside my own colourful creations and heartfelt inspiration shared across the My Tasty Soul website and Instagram page, I offer food photography services for other businesses in the growing wellbeing industry.

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Throughout my own healing, I have learned that it is our relationship to food that matters most. The food we choose for ourselves has the ability to harm or heal; becoming either a catalyst or a cure for dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit.

My food philosophy is to create our meals as a coordination with the seasonal rhythm of nature. Mindfully preparing our food with love and invoking gratitude for Mother Earth throughout; our relationship to food becomes a new avenue of healing as we connect to the greater web of human, plant and animal life here on earth.

Creating healthy, colourful concoctions and plant-based recipes has led me to volunteer in the kitchen of world-class retreat centres, creating tasty dishes for guests and staff. It has also allowed me to delve into the world of food photography which I wholeheartedly enjoy and offer as a soulful service. Most of all, adopting an attitude of loving-kindness toward my own meals has healed my own relationship with my food experience, my body and this earth in entirety. I believe that every meal is an opportunity to heal.

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