Who am I?

I am a Makeup Artist based in Dublin, Ireland that values ethical, conscious and up-lifting creativity. Through my work, I aspire to applaud the individuality of every client that sits in my chair.

I strive to source my products from ethical, cruelty-free companies with a minimal environmental impact where possible. I am also a volunteer for 'Look Good Feel Better' - a charity which uses the power of make-up to help rebuild self-confidence for women who have gone through cancer treatment.

I pride myself on the ability to allow each client feel like the best version of themselves. Real beauty shines from within and it is my job to allow a client to understand that makeup simply accentuates what is already there, waiting to be uncovered.

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After graduation from Senior College Dun Laoghaire in 2012, I spent 5 years building my business as a professional Makeup Artist. As my name grew & expertise refined, I was soon teaching masterclasses nationally. My work has been featured on CNN, The National Lottery, The Irish Sun, The Voice of Ireland, Don't Tell The Bride, The Irish Star, TV3, Exposé & RTÉ. I was also nominated for Bridal Makeup Artist of The Year 2016.

I also have presented masterclasses for top beauty brands such as From Matte To Metallic and Makeup Atelier Paris. 


Regardless of public pursuits, it is my personal clients that paved the way for my career, enabling me to become self employed at such a young age and organically growing a following of over 30,000 people through social media - via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 

I believe that my biggest selling point has always been word of mouth. I am indebted to my clients that have contributed towards my career in such generous and positive ways. 


In 2017, I took a personal break from my career to explore pursuits of a more holistic nature. I had a deep inclination to heal from my own emotional wounds and thus my interest naturally leaned towards yoga, a plant-based lifestyle and a rewarding journey of self love.

So, after 2 years of self exploration and evolution I returned to my long-lost career with a brand new perspective.


Every person deserves to feel beautiful and I am encouraged to use makeup as a tool for clients to form a deeper connection with themselves - one that appreciates it is their features that are unique, diverse and capable of shining. It is my job to simply enhance the beauty of whomever sits in my chair. I simply hope that no matter where this journey takes me, that I can be a small source of change to this world in a positive way. 


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