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Images with Soul


Express your true nature with a relaxed photoshoot that allows your business be represented with integrity and your personality shine with soul.

We each have a story to share, a business to build or a dream to create. I believe that we all carry a unique mission here on earth; a purpose that stems far beneath the surface, a deep inner knowing that we have something important and valuable to express throughout our unique journey of life.




Work Your Magic

Being a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Menstrual Health Guide and Creative Lead allows me to guide your photoshoot in an intuitive way that resonates deeply between us both.


Tribe, I speak your language!


Not only privileged to witness your organic beauty unfold, but I am impassioned to utilise my trainings, philosophies and skills to collaborate in a helpful, meaningful way that allows your greatest potential to flourish and your spirit to shine with ease.

1:1 Portrait Photoshoot Image Gallery

1:1 Photoshoots

Retreat & Event Imagery


Making the world a better place? Spread the word by capturing the magic with a Conscious Photographer. Understanding their intimate nature, I contribute towards the safe, sacred environment that allows your clientele to heal, grow and authentically connect.

1:1 Ceremonial Sessions


Whether growing a business, tending to a personal project or simply celebrating yourself, have your essence captured with intentionality. A bespoke photography session includes a grounding meditation, ceremonial grade cacao and a relaxed, but playful, atmosphere to bring forth your grand vision to the world.

Content, Product & Food Photography

Selling a product that needs a beautiful representation? Marketing something that will delight, inspire and expand the senses? Have the world take your project seriously with images that share your story with style and showcase your unique brand with integrity.

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Celine, Healer

Minding Me Wellness

"I was blown away by the photos that Martha took and created. She captured my essence in such a unique way."

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Orla, Yoga Teacher

Yoga By Orla

"Martha's experience draws from many creative talents which is what contributes to making her work so stunning and unique."


Sarah, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Tonic Dublin

"I feel like Martha has this gift of creating a relaxed space for your natural self to shine through.


Paula, Cacao Facilitator

Heart Tribe Cacao

"Martha has a beautiful and creative eye for photography and was able to perfectly capture the feel for what I do."

Retreat & Event  Image Gallery



Extra Perks

Additional Support

Ceremonial Grade Cacao 

I offer ceremonial grade cacao during each of our 1:1 private photoshoots. Cacao is a non-psychedelic, but therapeutic, plant medicine. It works to expand your consciousness by opening your heart centre. The effects are grounding and relaxing while also being uplifting and energizing. Cacao works according to your intention. Paired with a soulful photoshoot, cacao becomes an ally to help us remain heart-centred, connected and inspired as we play around 'in the zone'.

Website Design

As a Website Designer, I offer a discounted package to take your business from the seed to the living, blooming creation. Please email to discuss packages.