"Martha Ryan has been writing for us for about 4 months now. We started working together, because I simply didn't have the time during my busy working days to keep our blogs and newsletter up and running. It has been so great to have been able to pass that task over to Martha. Martha understands our type of business and the holistic world like no other, and very much aligns with our own ethos and what we work towards here in the Centre. Martha's writing style is easy to read, informative and her pieces are always well thought out. I highly recommend here"

Writing & Media

- Saskia Small, Manager,

Dublin Wellness Centre

"We employed Martha when our Company needed a fresh and modern take on promoting our services. With her knowledge on Nutrition and Social Media skills, we managed to give our Online Presence a new and renovated look, making it more accessible and intuitive for our customers, not only to find us, but to also access the full range of alternatives we have for them."

Writing is a way for me to connect with, and make sense of, the world around me. ​My experience with natural healing allows me to work with various wellness centres in Ireland, managing creative roles such as content writing, photography and other media services that need an artistic input.


Expressing our vulnerabilities through words is a powerful way to positively imprint upon the wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. Writing from an open heart, and through a place of deep understanding, offers us a fresh perspective into our own problems and thus holds real potential to heal. Consequently, writing not only influences on an individual level, but has the ability to strengthen our integral human connection to one another.

Whether helping others with their own websites, writing articles or creating inspirational content, the nature of my writing tends to emanate gentleness, transparency and a playful splash of imagination. My background in the holistic world combined with the self healing work I continue to do allows me to organically produce content that aligns with my own inner truth and values.

To learn more about writing or media services, contact me here.

- Alejandro Riviera, Manager,

Mr. Green Fresh Food

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