Yoga Teaching

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher (250hr) that shares from the heart.

Yoga has facilitated my own self healing journey. Attending yoga classes weekly led me to delve deep into the yogic world; from volunteering and working in yoga studios & retreat centres to now, gratefully, becoming a teacher myself.


Through Yoga, I have learned that it is not the shape of the posture nor the length of the breath, but rather your connection to - and acceptance of - yourself is what matters. In Sanskrit; its original language - yoga means 'union'. For me, that union relates to the body and mind, heart and soul. Ultimately, we are one being. Yoga asks us to remember who we really are. 


Surrendering into each posture allows us to accept ourselves as we are each day. Yogic philosophy teaches us that life is transient in nature and encourages us to embrace each moment and feeling as they arise. I have particular interest with - and strong connection to - the chakra system.

Yoga has been truly transformative to my life and I'm inspired for this chapter to unfold. You will find my regular yogic insights on the Instagram account Martha Luna Yoga. Luna, translating as 'moon', reminds us of our elemental, cyclical nature that yoga wholeheartedly embodies. 

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Registered member of Yoga Alliance UK.

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