From The Soul

Driven by a force that yearns to connect us back to our truest nature, each of my pursuits are soul-filled and heart-lead. My expressions span across creative writing, cacao medicine, photography, makeup artistry, yoga teaching and meditation.

Being a creative soul with a deep intellect and profound sensitivity has allowed me to experience the world in a unique way. My creative and spiritual expressions shine a light upon our connectivity; to ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.

Each of us, inside, hold a unique key that unlocks the doorway to our own greatest potential. Living in alignment with my own truest nature - as a human being, as an Artist, as a soul - allows me to utilise my delicate, sensual perception and give back to the world in an creative, collaborative and meaningful way.



Aisling, Nutritionist

"If you allow Martha to have creative freedom, this is where the magic will happen."


Sara-Jayne, Cacao Client

"Martha’s words have a way of “welcoming you home” and connecting you to the true essence of who you are"

Sarah, Yoga Teacher

"I feel like Martha has this gift of creating a relaxed space for your natural self to shine through."

Paula, Cacao Facilitator

"Martha has a beautiful and creative eye for photography and was able to perfectly capture the feel for what I do."

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"Self discovery is not about becoming somebody else. It is about remembering who you already are."


By activating a higher state of consciousness through gentle heart opening, Cacao expands your ability to heal, transform and love beyond limits. It is my pleasure to offer Cacao Ceremonies and individual Cacao Sessions as a means of healing your heart and awakening to your highest purpose and greatest potential. Learn more




Working as a Professional Artist for a decade, I use makeup for clients to experience the beauty of their own true nature.
Each client to me is a blank canvas inherent with their own unique features that are already there and capable of shining. Learn more



Photography allows me shine a light upon the diversity and of our world while capturing capturing the spirit of the unifying essence that connects us all.
Collaborating with like-minded individuals, it is my privilege to capture each souls unique essence. Learn more

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Having completed over 300 hours training, I use Yoga & Meditation as a means for deeper self acceptance & connection. My teachings embrace intuitive movement, playfulness and each person's individuality. Learn more



Menstruality allows our lives, as women, to flow in a meaningful and authentic way. I offer support and guidance for menstruating woman on their own journey of self discovery and womb awakening through dedicated courses and workshops. Learn more



The Magic of Menstruation

An interactive workshop

Join this interactive workshop to learn how to experience menstruation as a fundamental healing practice that deepens your connection to womanhood  and all of nature.

Back to Nature

A 6 week Menstrual Education Course

Utilise the energy of your menstrual cycle to uncover the secret power of your womb-space. Harness it's magic to flow into deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Home Ceremonies

Stay connected

Join an interactive online space to connect with like-minded souls and the spirit of cacao through a self loving journey of meditation, sacred storytelling and poetry. 

Cacao Solo Session