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Artistry with Soul

White Earth

Artist, Human, Soul.

My name is Martha Ryan & I am a Conscious Creator from Dublin, Ireland. I utilise my soulful spirit and creative gifts to support the healing, growth and expansion of others on this planet.

Love is paramount to every facet of my work. It is my passion, pleasure and honour to inspire others to recognize their capability to love themselves and the world around them in their own unique way.

Living in alignment with my true nature allows me to use my sensitive perception and unique skill-set to work collaboratively, creatively and meaningfully. I give back to the world through the work that I do; as an Artist, as a Human, as a Soul.


IMG_7920 copy-3.jpg

Celine, Healing Guide

Photography Testimony

"I was blown away by the photos that Martha took and created. She captured my essence in such a unique way."


Aisling, Nutritionist

Graphic Design Testimony

"If you allow Martha to have creative freedom, this is where the magic will happen."


Michael, Entrepreneur

Website Design Testimony

"Martha gave great feedback on how to make my website more engaging throughout her design work. She was a joy to work with."


Ianthi, Editorial Chief

Writing Testimony

"Martha has created some inspirational content for us. Our collaboration has been impeccable and delightful."

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