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Martha Ryan Makeup Artist

Working as a Professional Makeup Artist for 10 years, this sacred craft has become not only a profession, but a therapeutic passion. I use makeup as a tool to enhance and celebrate the unique features of women that are already there, waiting to be uncovered and capable of shining.


With over a decade of experience, my work has been featured on CNN, The National Lottery, The Irish Sun, The Voice of Ireland, Don't Tell The Bride, The Irish Star, TV3, Exposé, RTÉ and many other publications alongside the faces of thousands of beautiful women across the country.

Nominated for Bridal Makeup Artist of The Year in 2016, my unique perspective combined with an eye for detail allows me applaud the individuality of each woman that relaxedly sits in my presence.


My purpose as an Artist, is to enhance beauty, rather than masking.

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Authentic Beauty

Real Beauty Shines From Within...


Ethics & Ethos

My products are sourced from ethical, cruelty-free companies with a minimal environmental impact, where possible. I am also a volunteer for 'Look Good Feel Better' - a charity which uses the power of makeup to help rebuild self confidence for women who have gone through cancer treatment.

I believe we each have attributes that deserve to be celebrated for their individuation. Authentic Makeup Artistry, to me, means providing each client a unique recognition of their own inner and outward beauty through the power of this art form. Wherever this journey takes me, I simply hope to contribute to this industry in a positive, forward-thinking way.

I am ever so grateful for my life as a Makeup Artist which enables me to leave my own mark of beauty on the world and a positive imprint on each and every one of my clients.






Learn the tricks of the trade with a personalised makeup lesson. Available for individual lessons and group sessions; leave with a plethora of tips and tricks to leave you confident and excited to paint your face for years to come.

Glamourize the whole bridal party with a deluxe package tailored to your special wedding day. Relax with a trial application in advance where we fine-tune your details & desires so that we can make your day a stunning success.

Treat yourself to a 90 minute luxury makeup application which highlights and accentuates your most captivating features. Leave feeling radiant, confident, beautiful but most of all, like the real you!

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