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As a Professional Writer of many years, I help soul-driven individuals and businesses share the truth, beauty and purpose of their mission with intentionality, efficiency and impact.


Whether writing a book, building a website or curating social media growth, my writing and editing services allow heart-based leaders and soulful entrepreneurs to articulate their meaningful services or story with potency, power and ease.


With an extensive specialty background in the personal development, holistic health and well-being industry, my services provide heart-based leaders the tools to grow to their potential through creating an authentic connection with their target audience which generates the success they deserve.






My writing and editing services extend from Content Writing to Ghostwriting, Developmental Editing, Copywriting, Content Creation and include specialty as a Book Doctor.


With the important work that heart-based leaders do, it’s fundamental to connect, collaborate and create with a team that shares your values, ethos and perspective. As a Professional Writer with skill and soul, I’m here with you for every step of the journey.

My expertise alongside the self-development work I continue to do allows me to produce and curate organic content for kind-hearted people that aligns with my own inner truth and value system.

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Tailored Writing & Editing Services

  • Copywriting

  • Content Writing

  • Book Editing

  • Content Editing

  • Developmental Editing

  • Ghost Writing

  • Proofreading

  • Book Doctoring

  • Books

  • Blogs + Articles

  • Website Content

  • Social Media

  • Course Content

  • Marketing Material

  • Professional Biographies

  • Newsletters

What is a Book Doctor?

Best-selling authors do not work alone. Whether working with a Ghostwriter, Developmental Editor, Copywriter or Book Doctor, even the most successful publishers need help.


Contrary to a Book Coach, who guides an aspiring Writer to complete their task, a Book Doctor works to ensure their finished product is crystal clear, clean and concise. Together, we work to identify any blind-spots that may be in the way of articulating the purpose of your story, eliminate anything standing in your way of success and implement the necessary changes to 

create the kick-ass book that your dreams are truly made of.

Working with me 1:1 as your Book Doctor is the most comprehensive way to get your words on paper with efficiency and impact.

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Aisling, Nutritionist

AOK Nutrition

"Martha has fantastic attention to detail and an amazing imagination."

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Katie, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Energy with Katie

"My words were transformed into a beautiful description that felt authentic and personal."


Aifric, Astrologer

Earth and Aifric

"Martha's writing skills went so far beyond my expectations. I am literally speechless at her work; it is written alchemy."


Ianthi, Editorial Chief

Keith's Cacao

"Martha loves to write and it truly shows."

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Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 12.49.47.png

Hello, I see you there...

  • You struggle to articulate yourself with oomph

  • You want to impact your audience organically

  • You offer a lot, but don't know how to describe it

  • You have an important story to share

  • You're launching a healthy product, service or course

  • You're writing or dreaming of an inspiring book

  • Your website lacks professionalism in your delivery

  • You want to grow your social media consistently

  • Your ideas need structure, preparation and planning

  • You're not sure where to begin, but know that you need to

...and I've got your back!

A Synergy of Skill, Soul & Support


With an acute sensitivity and receptivity to each client’s needs supported by a deep understanding of intentional language, my writing style is adaptable, consistently professional yet personable enough for your unique voice to be heard with authenticity.


Working alongside me and the uniquely supportive services I offer, you gain not just a Writer or Editor, but a support system, a collaborator for life, a guide and a dear friend. 

It is my honour and privelege to rise with you.

What Aifric says...

"Wow. I have worked with Martha for multiple projects and I am blown away every single time. Martha's creativity and writing skills went so far beyond my expectations. I am literally left speechless at her work; it is written alchemy. Martha turns everything into creative gold. She truly has a gift with words, makes everything feel expansive and lets the magic flow.


The detail Martha puts into her work is beyond anything I have ever experienced before; not to mention the on-going support and guidance she offers. She really goes the extra mile to support businesses by helping them reach their goals.


Martha is a positive, loving and uplifting human and will always encourage you to reach for your dreams. She is the 'Hype-Woman' we all need! I have infinite gratitude for this incredible Artist and wonderful person. Thank you Martha!"

Earth Aifric Weaving Worlds Crystal Crafts Reiki Dublin Ireland

 Aifric Tree,
Astrologer & Jewel Designer,

Weaving Worlds | Earth & Aifric


"I contacted Martha when I was updating my website. I was struggling to describe who I am and what I do in a way that would appeal to people, so I reached out to Martha, who was more than helpful. I sent her a brief email describing what I wanted to say, but with words that I knew would never appeal to anyone.

When I got her reply, my words were transformed into a beautiful description that felt authentic and personal. It all translated better than I could have ever imagined. Martha saved me so much time and effort trying to do something that is just not my forte! I found Martha to be very professional and efficient in her work."

 Katie O' Byrne
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Yoga Energy With Katie

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"Martha has fantastic attention to detail and an amazing imagination. I worked with Martha for over a year, on many different projects and each time I would give her a brief outline of what I wanted, knowing that she does not need much direction. If you allow Martha to have creative freedom, this is where the magic will happen.

She is able to pinpoint exactly what an audience is drawn to for a particular product/service and I found that she created things that I had not even thought of! I would highly recommend Martha for any creative work."

 Aisling Fox
Naturopathic Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist

AOK Nutrition

Social Media Support | Conscious Captioning

I am proud to offer a bespoke package of Conscious Captioning to fuel your growth online by articulating your story with purpose, power and presence. Now more than ever, it is imperative to make every word count. 

Whether you're promoting a business, sharing your wisdom or building your audience, Conscious Captioning allows your voice to be heard clearly, concicely and consciously. 

The best part? It's not written for you. Conscious Captioning is an editing package that cleans up and refines your message in a way that speaks to your unique audience in style.

Don't get lost in the noise.

Your message is important; it's worth being shared with utmost beauty, articulation and impact.

Create an authentic connection with your target market by telling your story with efficiency and intentionality. 

Deliver consistent content that meets your audience' needs while speaking to their soul through conscious communication.

Build trust. Gain momentum. Thrive.


"Martha loves to write and it truly shows.

She has created some inspired and inspiring content for us at Keith's Cacao, for which we are extremely grateful.

Our collaboration has been both impeccable and delightful."

 Ianthi Sparsis
Chief of Editorial Divison

Keith's Cacao


"Myself and Martha started working together because I simply didn't have the time during my busy working days to keep our blogs and newsletter up and running. It has been so great to have been able to pass that task over to Martha.

Martha understands our type of business and the holistic world like no other, and very much aligns with our own ethos and what we work towards here in the Centre. Martha's writing style is easy to read, informative and her pieces are always well thought out. I highly recommend her."

 Saskia Small
Business Manager

Dublin Wellness Centre

  • What is the difference between copywriting and editing?
    Copywriting is a 'blitz' of your current content. With copywriting, I revise any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, placing in appropriate synonyms, reformatting sentences where necessary and generally add more 'flow' to your overall work. Copywriting is charged by the word. General 'editing' is more complex and is suitable to larger projects such as books, instruction manuals, course content etc. Rather than a simple 'blitz' to the written content, developmental editing is a deeper dive into perfecting your work-of-art. It can include restructuring your paragraphs in a way that 'make sense' to your reader, redesigning the format (switching things around), making keyword suggestions to hit the necessary touch points that will create the deepest connection with your target audience, removing unnecessary content and including the most important points that will create the most meaningful impact. Copywriting is like the nurse, but developmental editing is like the doctor.
  • What kind of writing help do I need? I'm confused!
    Your confusion is understood, let me take the brain-work out for you! Everybody is building their own empire, and there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to writing. Once we have a brief chit-chat, I'll be able to support you as we decipher exactly what your needs are. This is my specialty, so let's not worry you for a moment longer! To book a quick chat, email
  • I have an idea, but not a final project. Can you help me?
    Yes! A final project takes a lot of work, and I'm here to support you in completing whatever your heart desires. You do not need to have a final draft to begin working with me. Once we have a quick chit-chat, we can decipher what support works best for your needs! To get in touch with me, please email
  • Right now, I only market via social media. Is writing support important?
    Abso-freakin-lutely! Connecting with, and building a genuine trusting relationship, with your audience is more important than ever. Generally speaking, you create the small, meaningful connections through daily or weekly interactions on social media. Carefully curated content that speaks to YOUR audience in a way that is resonant with YOUR mission is one of the most important things you can do as a contributor to the online space. I offer tailored social media packages 'Conscious Captioning' to spread your message in style. For more information, please email

Writer Profile

Alongside helping private clients thrive through my professional writing services, I also regularly publish my own heartfelt words across a myriad of platforms.


My instinct to write is so primal that even the words themselves fail to articulate the driving force behind every letter.

Waking me in the morning and carrying me through each day until my bloodshot, tired eyes become slave to the paper as the clock strikes midnight; writing guides me, shapes me, breaks and liberates me.

Martha Trudi Ryan Writer Poet Dublin Ireland Laptop Typing Black White

Martha Trudi Ryan


Writer of Love, Truth & Personal Transformation


Writing opens my heart and fills me with a kind of loving understanding that feels close to 'God' or universal oneness. Writing helps me to understand myself and the nature of this mysterious life in a way that my mind fails to conceptualize and my heart fails to understand without it's saving grace.

The call to write is far bigger than me. With journals bulging, poetry books full to the brim and phone-notes bombarded with continual vigour, an unstoppable force declares itself through me.

Writing reveals itself as a heart-lead quest of vulnerability to the depth of myself; each piece unravelling me down to the next layer of my truest nature; unconditional love. I believe that's what we each are - love - and I believe that my words are here to remind us of this potent truth of transformation.

From poetry to articles and inspirational blurbs, my passion lies in sharing the growth that can be obtained through facing life's adversity with a courageous heart. I believe that no matter how difficult or dark life may become, there is always light waiting at the other side; and that light is you.

I believe that the message of hope conveyed through my words, is here to make the world a better, brighter place.


Please subscribe to my newsletter and follow @marthatrudiryan to support my work.

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