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My name is Martha Trudi Ryan
& I am a Conscious Creative from Dublin, Ireland. 


I encourage the growth of those willing to make the world a better place, in their own unique way. Through my work, I support the expansion of heart-based leaders by expressing the soul of their mission through conscious creativity and 1:1 support. 

Although offerings evolve in tandem with my own gifts, I strive for excellence in all that I do which reflects through the quality of my work, the satisfaction of my heart and the happiness of each and every client I have the utmost pleasure of collaborating with.


Love is paramount to every facet of my personal and professional expression. By cultivating a meaningful relationship with ourselves, we relate to the world in an authentically generous way; sensitive yet strong, humble yet wise and grounded yet visionary.


In all that I do, I remind others to hold a sacred intimacy with life, one another and themselves. It is my deepest passion to inspire others to recognize their capability to love themselves and the world around them in their own unique way.

Living in alignment with my own true nature allows me to use my sensitive perception and unique skill-set to give back to the world collaboratively, creatively and meaningfully;

as an Artist, as a Human and as a Soul.

My extensive background in the holistic health industry - not only directly as a Yoga Teacher, Menstrual Healing Guide, Cacao Practitioner & Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, but also as a Digital Marketing Manager, Creative Content Executive & Media Manager support every flare I bring forth toward each client I work with.


Before the aforementioned, I spent 5 years successfully working as one of Ireland's leading Makeup Artists. Featured on CNN, RTE, The National Lottery, Don't Tell The Bride and many other publications; my early professional years were spent teaching workshops and masterclasses across the country alongside beautifying thousands of private clients; from the birthday girl to the glowing bride.


Working as a Creative Entrepreneur for 10 years, I understand the energy necessary not only to run a business, but to make it flourish to great success. It requires not only our will but also our self-belief, self-love and self-motivation to make great changes happen.

My creative contributions are deeply supported by my continual evolutionary work on a personal and a professional level.


Embodying my work as a Menstrual Leader, my drive lies in supporting women work in tandem with their unique menstrual wave, rather than the patriarchal systems set before them.

Although I have worn - and continue to wear - many hats, through every beat of my heart, I am an Artist by nature. It is my purpose to share the truth, beauty and purpose of the human experience in all of it's intricate complexities; both darkness and light.

I'm here to transform visions into actualization and dreams into reality. It is my passion, pleasure and honour to help like-minded souls share their mission with the world, to shine their light and to express their heartfelt purpose in their own unique way. 

Inspiration, Expression, Creation, Expansion.


I am Martha Trudi Ryan.


Tell me...

Who are you?

My Self-Love Journey

It is my passion, as an Artist, to encourage and inspire the self-love + growth of each and every person that I have the great honour of collaborating with.

I believe we each come equipped with unlimited potential simply waiting to be unlocked. Returning to our true nature - so that we may step into the person we came here to be - takes time, energy, dedication, perseverance, self-care, love and belief.

Here are a few words of my own personal journey...


My own healing journey began at the final straw. Many years neglecting my own mental and physical health, surfing on the waves of avoidance and ignorance, lead me to an illness that I couldn't so simply recover from without getting to the root of my perpetual suffering.

During my teenage and early adult years, I disregarded myself by eating harmful processed foods, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis to excess but most detrimentally; avoiding emotional issues that I had buried inside.


Illness, in my formative years, became normalised as I took daily medication for digestive issues, migraines, hormonal imbalances and mental health problems before abruptly understanding - the hard way - that all of these separate symptoms were actually interlinked.

Tests, biopsies and hospitalisations failed to reveal the cause of my crisis decline in 2017, provoking a break-down of my mind, body and soul which saw me hospitalised, bedridden and void of vitality. Following the loss of my bodyweight, hair and menstrual cycle was the unfortunate loss of hope for life itself.


Ironically, it was in this hopelessness that I myself could finally be found.


I didn't break down, I broke through.

I spontaneously awakened to the truth that my body, mind and soul were not mechanical systems working independently of another but interconnected, synergetic, holistic and wise.


Without my mask, I lay in my painful truth I had spent a lifetime avoiding.
So with nowhere else to turn, I went inside. 

Suddenly, I knew (without knowing how I knew) that only I had the power to heal myself. If a lifetime of suppression lead to such a severity of illness, then a new chapter of expression could lead to a future of wellness. I realized that I was not a victim of circumstance, as formerly believed, but the conscious creator of my reality. It was time to take total responsibility for my health, my well-being, my relationships, my life, my future.

I began to listen to my body's cues, aches and signals as intelligent messages from a place beyond my intellect. I began to compassionately acknowledge the depth - which I perceived as darkness - I had been holding for a lifetime. I began to nurture my sensitivity and recognize it as a tremendous, previously overlooked, strength.

By allowing myself to experience every flowing emotion, I learned that even the heaviest feelings are transient in nature; awakening me to our cyclical nature as human beings. By surrendering to inner pain, I unleashed the dawning power of peace. The years of suppression, repression and depression were simply the consequence of rejecting my nature as a human being; with my own inner seasonal shifts that rhythmically ebb and flow, too.

Layer by layer, I allowed myself to softly unravel within my own arms.
No longer afraid of truly knowing myself, I experienced the relief only known through grief, the birth only known through death; I learned what it meant to be truly alive.

Through adopting a holistic perspective, processing inner wounds and complexities alongside shifting to a natural lifestyle that nourished - not punished - myself, I laid the groundwork for an attitude of self love, forgiveness and compassion to flourish.
Over time and with a lot of hard work, my body, mind and spirit began to heal.


Little did I know that healing was only the beginning. Beyond the conditional limitations I had placed upon myself existed an incredibly expansive person with tremendous strength, resilience, wisdom and passion for the world.

The road hasn't been easy. It has been earth shatteringly exhausting, at times infuriatingly isolating, but always breathtakingly beautiful and rewarding beyond measure. 


Today I understand that we are each holistic beings; part of a whole integrative system, interconnected with one another and the natural world around us. Through embracing each aspect of ourselves - the light and the dark - we can each find the fundamental inner strength to heal, grow and expand into who we really came here to be.


My first-hand experience of personal transformation enables me to, so deeply, connect with others who wish to awaken to their own innate power and fullest potential.

Loving ourselves, each-other and the world becomes then a 'thank you' to our ancestors for passing down their gifts - consciously or otherwise, Mother Earth for her magic and this galactifying Universe for gifting us with this sacred, mysterious existence.

I believe we each have the ability to transmute our suffering into serenity, pain into peace and experience into evolution. I am grateful, now, for everything that has happened in my life as each triumph, trauma and tragedy was, although unbeknown at the time, 

a gateway
to myself.


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