How A Mental Breakdown Transformed Darkness Into Light

*This post was written in 2018 & has been extracted from an old website. It was the initial 'coming out' of my mental health in a bid to encourage and inspire others that may be facing similar challenges, particularly directed towards my clients and 'fans' of my makeup career.*

What is really the best way to start a conversation about mental health? To me, it would be sharing my own personal story. I feel an obligation to the people that have supported my journey as a Makeup Artist for the last 5 years. I am finally ready, to show my scars so that others know they can heal.

When I began doing makeup (at 17), I didn’t know where I was going – but I had one mission “I want to make people happy”. If you’ve ever sat in my chair you’ll know that this was my first & foremost goal. Rising at 6am every Saturday, taking no breaks & exhausting myself into darkness, I felt incredibly lucky to help so many girls feel just that little bit more special on momentous occasions and also for sharing a little part of themselves with me. You may not have known, but I have valued each and every conversation shared between myself and a client. One thing is for certain, I always put my clients first, above all else, above myself. I a