The Social Complex

Even though writing is something I've come to adore and even began to make a career out of, it feels very alien for me to sit here writing this. I mostly write about holistic health and yoga, spreading little nuggets of knowledge & insight without implicating myself personally.

Something I have come to really appreciate over the past two years is privacy.

Despite being an open person, I struggle with the fact that our modern world doesn't allow much room for privacy. Social media has given me a great deal of opportunities and for that I am grateful, but the incentive to share each detail of our lives has stolen from us our sacred moments - creating a multidimensional complex that's often difficult to navigate.

I have hesitated sharing my words for so long because I don't want 'writing a blog' to equate to me being a 'blogger' in the 21st century sense of the word.

It is as though in order to succeed today, you have to be somebody; achieved through an acquisition of followers, fans, 'likes' and public attention. So many lives have become a cycle of seeking online appraisal from friends, acquaintances and strangers - assuring through a quick hit of dopamine that they are in fact good enough, pretty enough, curvy enough, skinny enough, likeable enough, loveable enough, enough, enough, enough.

So why then, given the social complex, did I begin writing this post?