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"My Yoga philosophy is not to gain flexibility of the body, but rather I support
an expansion of the mind, a strengthening of the soul and an opening of the heart."


Yoga, to me, is a self love practice.


Translating as 'Union' in Sanskrit, I believe that yoga presents us with the opportunity to unionise with oneself - body, mind and spirit. Through gentle body opening, yoga acts an invitation to embrace our inner truth as we learn to face ourselves, through discomfort or resistance, with a smile.

Yoga allows us to discover where our edges are; not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. By embarking on a self loving practice of awakening asana (postures) and listening to our bodies subtle signals and cues, we develop greater self compassion, acceptance and understanding. By breathing through inner turmoil, we unveil a side of ourselves that is not only more resilient against adversity, but softer, gentler and kinder than before. Yoga teaches us to embrace ourselves during each transient moment and it is this philosophy that can benefit our daily lives.

Intuitive Movement

My teaching style is intuitive, animalistic, playful and fun. I don't believe that every body is designed in the same way and therefore my yoga teaching applauds each person's individuation, intuition and instinct.

Yoga allows us to accept and embrace the differences and idiosyncratic nature of our bodies with admiration, love and ease. With gratitude for the ancient teachings of Yoga, learning to soften the 'rules' of how yoga should be practiced is, in my experience, an important aspect of self trust, belief and discovery. As my teacher Bernie Clarke shares "We  don't use the body to get into the pose. We use the pose to get into the body."


Healing Breath


Meditation allows us to soothe our nervous systems and take a sacred pause from our busy lives. Learning to relax into a position of meditation can often be the hardest part for many of us. Honouring our resistance with self-love and compassion allows us to melt deeper into a meditative state with inner kindness, patience and ease.


It is my privilege to share handwritten meditations from the soul throughout my teachings; complimenting yoga and cacao healing. Being an Artist with a vivid imagination, my meditative practices often include delicate poetry and sacred storytelling which allow our minds to drift into a land of deep rest, repair and relaxation with gentle guidance. 




Sara Jayne

"Martha guides you on a beautiful journey with her meditations that are always 100% written by her and contain that Martha magic. Martha’s words have a way of “welcoming you home” and connecting you to the true essence of who you are."



"Martha has the ability of holding a safe and welcoming space, inviting you to come as you are and be yourself. My favourite part is the guided meditations created by Martha, she has the gift of poetry and a beautiful inner world."




Join an online or in-person group yoga or meditation class featuring a series of relaxation exercises followed by playful and intuitive movement. Leave each class feeling grounded into your body and connected to a wider community.


Would you like tailored guidance for your yoga or meditation experience? Whether you don't feel confident going to group classes or prefer personalised postures, a solo yoga session allows you to set a specific intention, work on your individual goals and receive undivided love, care and attention.


Similar to a 1-1 session, you're welcome to organize a group that are interested in learning about the benefits of yoga or meditation, within the comfort of your home or the virtual space. Rally a couple of friends together as you embark on an adventure of wellness as a collective team.

Home Decorations
Solo Sessions



It's important that we feel safe and secure when embarking on healing practices, so the magic can take place. Having a private session allows you to melt into your own private, safe and cosy space with comfort and ease.


When working 1-1, your personalised goals are front and centre. Whether you want to gain more flexibility or a deeper mind-body connection, private sessions are tailored so that you can truly feel your own progress.


There is nothing better than somebody really seeing you and accepting you exactly as you are. With undivided attention, each practice is carefully dedicated to your individual level and tailored throughout to suit your needs.


I love to support you!
As your personalised guide, I'm on hand to assist you, advise you and care for your individual needs in any way that supports your yoga & meditation journey.

Add Cacao
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I am a qualified Yoga Teacher in the styles of Yin & Hatha Yoga with over 300 hours training. Yoga, to me, allows for a reconnection to ourselves. Learning to sit with our bodies, even during times of discomfort, unlocks the doorway to self understanding, acceptance and inner peace. My mindful teachings embrace intuitive movement, playfulness and each person's individuality.

Alongside teaching yoga, I combine classes with mindful meditation, hand-written poetry and spoken word which encourages a deep state of rest, repair and relaxation; which I believe is an essential act of self love, healing and compassion. Learn more about yoga & meditation here.


with Chocolate Magic


Feel the beauty of your own heart during yoga & meditation.


Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that can enhance yoga and meditation practices by connecting us more deeply with our bodies, minds and spirits. When accompanying meditation, Cacao allows us to drop more deeply into a state of utter rest, relaxation and repair - inviting transformational healing to co-facilitate inner journeying practices.


Alternatively, Cacao's uplifting compounds allow her to become a beautiful ally for yoga, dancing and other movement practices. Cacao allows each one of us the access to our own portal of light through connection with our heart centre. 

Whether paired with relaxation, inner journeying, yoga or movement medicine, Cacao brings forth a deeper connection to yourself which then allows you to move forward with your life in a way that aligns with your own inner truth, purpose and heartfelt values. Learn more here




Why it Matters

Each and every one of my teachings aspire to embody a message that our rational, critical mind may fail to otherwise convey. My teachings hold within them messages of faith, self love, trust, compassion and understanding. 

When we take a moment to pause from our daily lives, we respond to our own needs; building our relationship with ourselves and strengthening our resilience in the world. I truly believe that practices such as Yoga & Meditation are more than bodily experiences but rather hold within them a goldmine of opportunity that connect us to our truest, deepest nature as human beings.

Often when people hesitate to join a yoga class, it is because "I'm not flexible enough, I'm not fit enough, I'm not spiritual enough, I'm not young enough, I'm not slim enough"

You. Are. Enough.

Yoga & Meditation are not here to change or mould us into anything new, but rather show us who we already are. Yoga asks us to pay attention to the parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten or neglected along the way. Through these practices, the abandoned parts of ourselves; our bodies, stories and hearts call for our undevout love and attention which unfolds a beautiful, gradual healing process. 


Yoga & Meditation call you home to yourself.  You were always enough, you just allowed the world to convince you otherwise. Having experienced the healing, connective force of these practices first-hand, I will attest to their transformational beauty for the rest of my days.


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