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Give yourself the space

Free yourself of time

Allow your truth come to the surface

As salty teardrops form their lines

Nurture yourself through nesting

Resting deeply in your cave

Save yourself any struggle

No attempts being bold or brave

Provide yourself with darkness

Mirroring shadows that live inside

Creating safety for every feeling

That no longer yearns to hide

Wrap yourself in layers

Of your own loving support

Letting emotions shatter freely

From the fortress of your heart

Uncover yourself slowly

Down to the very last layer

Travel through your painful matrix,

Discover the depth of your love right there

Plunge yourself into sweet sadness

Greeting despair you fear to feel

Trusting sorrow as the doorway

For your heart and soul to heal

Hold yourself in compassion

One gentle step at a time

Embracing every weather,

Permits the sun to eventually shine.

Be patient with yourself

As you rest in bed all Winter

Trust in Nature's Grace

As no process Man can hinder

Don't rush your process, please

Take this precious time to grieve

One day, you'll trust surrender

As the only medicine you need

So please release yourself

Through every sweet and salty tear

Because when you reach your darkest depth,

New life begins from here.


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