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Sacred in Nature

Learning the dance

Between instruction

And intuition

Constantly testing the waters

As I gently skim my stones

Undoing and becoming

Again and again

This delicate union

Between mind and matter,

Body and soul.

We eventually learn

That life supplies

A plethora of chances

For us to find

Our own rhythm

But we need not wait for thunder,

Or even a droplet of rain

To discover the sweetness

Of comforting grass

Only found on rough terrain.


We are both the creator

And it's creations.

Each day finding our belonging

With what came before.

The spark. The flame.

The smoke. The ember.

One cannot thrive without the loss of another.

For we are both the children

Of life's cosmic womb

And our very own Mother.


We are the river that glistens

The moon that shines

The fish that swim in unison

Dancing left to right.

Just as the moon

Never truly sets,

Neither do we.

But rather,

We sit quietly,

We endure,

Attentively listening out

To the melodic ocean shore.


We embody both moon & sun

Rising and falling,

Through life's perpetual hiccup

That continues to borrow our breath.

Hide as we might,

We never truly set.


We learn to embrace

The subtle signs

And echoes

That gently guide us along.

Within the drought of desert,

We become the very stream

That drifts and pours

Fresh life into our own lungs.

Breathe softly and know

That you are good

As you are

Because you are of all things;

Sacred in Nature.


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