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I Forgive All Who Fail To Understand Me

I forgive all who fail to understand me.

I am not a story to be told, nor concept to be known.

No object to be claimed,

No box to call my own.

I am neither A nor B, nor Y or Z.

My language speaks only symbolically.

A free flowing river bursts at it's banks,

Merging with the ocean in a united dance.

All water you drink comes from the source,

The tears in your eyes are pushed by a force.

The long lost union between body & soul,

Severed by logic, a desire to know.

What happens then, when you're cut from the centre?

A voyage of truth.

A quest to remember.

I forgive all who have failed to understand me,

Including myself, in an effort to break free.

Freedom is not found by the thinking mind,

but through the knowing heart,

and the involuntary smile.


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