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empower her


transformative makeup education series

My Makeup Education Series inspires you to cultivate true beauty.

Choose from three unique experiences that combine expertly led personalized makeup classes with soul-soothing ceremonial cacao and grounding ritual.


You will learn not only the best way to apply your makeup, expert beauty tips and a toolbox of newfound knowledge to take away, you are granted the inner tools of self-love and belief to recognize your beauty already exists, right here and now. 

This is a session you won't find anywhere else; an integrative healing experience that honours the fun, glamorous side of beauty while also recognizing the most important beauty found only on the inside.


Working together from the inside out, these sessions are deeply transformative, enlightening and are made for women wishing to cultivate more self-love, acceptance and unapologetic expression.

We will maximize that true beauty with an expert beauty lesson, tailored to you and led by me. 

I combine my years working as a Women's Holistic Health Guide with my expertise in Makeup Artistry to create this ONE-OF-A-KIND OFFER. Introducing... EMPOWER HER!

5% of all proceeds are donated to Women's Aid - a free support services for women that are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse across Ireland.



A Makeup Ritual and Holistic Treatment combining an expert-led beauty lesson and a heart-warming self-love journey with ceremonial cacao...

Empower Her


Since 2012, I have been educating women on how to enhance their beauty with the power of makeup. I have taught sold-out group masterclasses, multi-week courses and guest-spotted for established brands, businesses and studios around the country.

Previous collaborators include Makeup Atelier Paris, From Matte to Metalic, AYU Makeup, NIMA Brushes, 

Now in 2024, my passion for teaching is not exclusive to looking good but FEELING better! Why?

Because there is trick that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know...

True beauty shines from the INSIDE!

So many of us have fallen victim to marketing that caused us to believe we are ‘less than’; that we need ‘more’ in order to be ‘enough’. This subliminal messaging sells us the idea we are not enough as we are and has resulted in a drastic decline of self-esteem from women and girls in all walks of life.


I’m here to shake things up, to stop you in your tracks and tell you that the only thing you need to be beautiful is YOURSELF in your unique authenticity! 

Why Empower Her?

When we stop seeking beauty from the outside, we realize we already have it inside. We then have no more interest in hiding and can’t help but naturally shine! 

Makeup then becomes a playful tool to experiment, have more fun, to embody our sexiest, sassiest versions yet holds NO attachment whatsoever to your self-worth. Get it?


What makes somebody beautiful?
I believe the answer is an open heart. 

This Inner Makeover Ritual experience help you to achieve just that. 

Ceremonial Cacao...

The Result?

You’ll leave our sessions feeling EMPOWERED, ILLUMINATED, uplifted, expanded and energised for the road ahead - oh, and with killer makeup tips for life.


Anybody can be pretty, but it takes a special kind of person to be beautiful.

Are you ready for an experience like no other?

Are you ready for more self-love?

Are you ready to SHINE?

Complementing our lesson is ceremonial grade cacao; a delicious, warm hot chocolatey drink that gently opens the heart and brings you into more self-love, acceptance and belonging.

My prerogative? To fill you with so much self-belief that you can’t help but shine brightly for the world to see!
That is what I’M here for. 

1:1 Makeup Lesson €167

empower her

A once-off 1:1 makeup lesson is an incredible way to upgrade your skills, learn from a professional, create familiarity with your features and learn to radiate from the inside out. This session aims to empower you to take control of your makeup abilities, curate a style that suits your soul and to learn to accentuate those naturally beautiful features.  Introducing… EMPOWER HER! These sessions will utilise your own makeup, beauty and brush collection - as well as my professional kit. I will teach you to work with what you ALREADY have and can suggest any potential gaps in your tool-kit that may be beneficial to your unique beauty goals and desires. Whether you want to master your winged eyeliner, create a staple night-time look or sculpt those eyebrows to perfection for once and for all, an ‘Empower Her’ 3 hour makeup lesson is for you.  This unique offering includes an optional small dose of ‘ceremonial cacao’ - a delicious, warm hot chocolate drink that opens the heart and promotes concentration and relaxation.  With my help, your curiosity and the guaranteed fun we will have together, you will leave our session feeling empowered, inspired and ready to tackle the world, sister. INTRODUCTORY OFFER RATE Bookings in February & March - Receive 15% off with the code ‘empowerher’ Further 10% of all profits will be donated to Women’s Aid in February & March Remember sister, you were born beautiful. The least you can do - for both yourself and the world - is to show it off!

Limited Introductory Rate only €137 (save €40!)

1:1 Lesson

Radiate - 1:1 Beauty Ritual - €187


A ‘Radiate’ session is a UNIQUE one-of-a-kind offering you won’t find anywhere else. This beauty ritual connects you with the beauty inside so that we can RADIATE on the outside. Both a makeup lesson and a holistic healing treatment, a RADIATE session helps you to access more self-love and acceptance while instilling you with the confidence to enhance those gorgeous features that are dying to stand out from the crowd. This integrative experience is a perfect blend of skill and soul which illuminates beauty from the inside out. Together, we will create a healing environment with ceremonial cacao - a delicious hot chocolate drink that opens your heart centre, inspires you with feelings of self-belief, hope, relaxation and nurtures your creativity.  This unique dive into self-love is something you WON’T find on the traditional nor holistic health market. Guiding you through a meditation to connect to your inner beauty, we will lean into anything that may be standing in your way of feeling, knowing and expressing your true self in the world. Through inner exploration, meditation, an empowering makeup lesson and an easy chit-chat, you will rise up with more confidence, self-esteem and love for yourself than before. Cacao is an extremely gentle, grounding, loving ally that supports your heart to blossom so that you may radiate your beauty in the outside world. In combination with your makeup lesson, you will be encouraged to truly express, radiate and SHINE from the inside out.  This session does not aim to hide you, to cover you up or to mask you away from the outside world. This aims to ILLUMINATE all that you are; enhancing and complimenting that beautiful soul of yours.  In short; we will create the manifestation and illuminated reflection of your very BEST SELF.  This is a deeply transformative session for those ready to cultivate more self-love, belief, and acceptance while at the same time wish to upgrade their makeup skills - learning to create the most stunning version of themselves so they may shine from the inside out.  This is also available as a 3-part series at a 10% discounted rate.

Radiate Session

Master Your Makeup: 3-Part Series €483 (save 10%) Introductory Rate = €397


This 3 part series of deluxe masterclasses is tailored to YOU! Whether you’re a total novice or professional Makeup Artist, we will structure a 3-part lesson plan that supports YOUR makeup goals, desires and intentions. Throughout this deeper dive of 1:1 hands-on support, I will take the brain-work out of technical skills and any areas you normally avoid. We will address any doubts that are preventing you from expressing yourself and then instil you with the confidence needed to create ANY look that helps you show up as the best, most beautiful version of yourself, day or night. Yes ladies, these sessions will empower you to truly MASTER YOUR MAKEUP!  As per my once-off sessions, what makes this offering SO unique is the inclusion of three optional doses of ‘ceremonial cacao’ - a delicious, warm hot chocolate drink that opens the heart, ignites creativity and promotes concentration and relaxation.  This space will be fun, relaxed, easy going and inspiring. ALL ABOUT YOU! After our 3 sessions, not only will you feel confident in your capabilities - you will feel liberated as your gorgeous self and empowered to express your beauty from the inside out.  These transformative sessions will surely ignite your self-belief, self-expression and your self-love… oh, and you’ll walk away with some banging new makeup skills, for LIFE. Grasp the methods that can maximise your beauty with me. ‘Master Your Makeup’ - Empower Her - 3 Part Series €487 (10% saving). Payment Plan available (three installments of 162)

Master Your Makeup
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