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If You Are Dark

If you are dark,

Then let me wallow in darkness

Caressed by the shadows

Of time gone by.

If you are light,

Then pour the sun onto my skin

Blistering and burning

A love once had.

If you are silence,

Then I will breathe

An exchange of two worlds

Which complete another.

If you are happiness,

Then hear me laughing with the sun rise

And crying as rain falls.

We connect through the elements

That brought us together.

Both this life and next,

A loosened grip


With every bird call.

Never lost and never found,

The bumblebee dances above the dahlias.

And there,

I know you.

The same force that separates

Is that which ties.

A merging union

Between mind and matter

Known only

By a rope once climbed.

The ladder beneath our feet

Disintegrates with every step

Just as the morning breeze

Asks the Autumn leaves to fall.

Each droplet of rain

That pours from the sky

Both celebrates and mourns.

Nourishing pastures

Of each lonely creature

That takes respite

In a wet Spring day.

The wind sings kindly

To the dahlias,

The co-creation of a symphony,

Held afloat,

By a single




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