The Importance of Healthy Outlets

*extracted from a freelance article for The Dublin Wellness Centre*

Being a human is tough work sometimes; we juggle so many worldly duties that often leave us carrying around other people's problems, as well as our own. Everyday, different energy goes in, so where does it come out?  Bottling up our true feelings may seem like the easy route, but what if we told you that a release for your emotions doesn’t necessarily require you to punch anybody or scream into a pillow? Healthy outlets not only allow us to deal with our emotions effectively when life becomes tough – they also allow us to regulate ourselves on a frequent basis, which subsequently results in less of a build-up and hardly any need to ‘explode’ at all. Think of using healthy outlets as maintenance for the funky little ecosystems that we are the proud care-takers of. Keeping your ecosystem healthy means that energy drifts in and it flows out freely. The beautiful thing about energy and emotions is that they are transient and ever-changing, which means that even if something ‘negative’ flows in, we have the opportunity to create a positive outcome. Speaking to a professional is an obvious choice for a healthy outlet; it allows us to safely release our worries and also gain an enlightened perspective, however that’s not the only way to set our troubles free. The simple act of meeting up with our friends can sometimes be exactly what the doctor ordered; having a shoulder to cry on or a belly to laugh with can do wonders for the soul. We often walk away feeling lighter, refreshed and at ease. As humans, we were born to create. Believe it or not, creativity is a gift given to all of us. Using creativity to release our emotions doesn’t necessarily mean painting a Mona Lisa – it simply means allowing our ‘right brain’ to come out and play – just like letting our inner child roam free. Yes, even if we’re left-side dominant, we all have these opposing forces within us, so let’s not forget the joy of playful expression. Creativity can mean decorating our houses with beautiful pictures, c