The Importance Of Turning Inward During Winter

As the nights become longer and we hear of the first drops of snow, the time to wrap up, slow down and tune in becomes apparent. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you may have heard the teacher advising to ‘turn inward’ – an instruction which can be a little challenging to understand…

During Summer, we are so caught up in the midst of our busy lives that we don’t make the time to check in with ourselves. Truthfully, we are usually doing pretty well; the warmth of the sun, holidays aplenty and our social calendars bursting. Our cups of self-care are often filled by socialising and expending energy until Winter rolls around, our days become shorter and we fail to remember how to ‘be’.

Being ‘on’ all of the time would throw us out of kilter. Just as the moon wanes and waxes between darkness and light, we, too, have natural rhythms that we should honour to maintain balance and harmony within ourselves.

Winter gives us the perfect opportunity to slow down, shed what no longer serves us and heal from all that has been holding us back. Turning inward simply means allowing for moments of introspection in a bid to understand ourselves better and make a positive change. This doesn’t require sitting in lotus position for months at a time and reaching nirvana; it simply means accepting ourselves where we are at each given moment.

The less time we spend distracted by phones and television, the more we cultivate the self awareness necessary to improve our lives. As humans, we all have parts of ourselves that need some extra lovin’ such as our insecurities or ‘flaws’.