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Our Mindless Nature

When I fill my mind, with all the ’stuff’

That fills every corner,

I miss out on the endless space

That holds me like a mother.

Encapsulating and embellishing me,

Through the window of the unknown,

Here, my mind makes way

For the vibrance of my soul.

Alive in all it’s purity,

Radiant and clear

When I transition from doing back to being,

I know that healing lays here.

When I drop the identities and silly rubbish

That continues to pervade my mind,

I can’t help but wonder

Who is the ‘I’ that’s left behind?

There comes an occasional moment,

When my mind takes a break.

And in that switch of gears,

I am held by empty space.

I realise then

That I am not what I thought

Nor am I stories

Collected inside me, overwrought

I am flesh and skin

But that does not separate me

From the air that I breathe

Or the ground

That so tenderly

Tickles my feet.

Blood courses through me

As the rivers stream


On land

Assisted not by a single hand

I was perfect when I came here,

Long, wild, free

Until I swallowed the tales

Of how I should be

How to live in this place,

How to ‘make’ my name

When in fact, doing so,

Creates separation and pain

It is not every man for himself

In this earthly world

We are a collection of love

Scattered among people

To the winds that whirl

To embrace ourselves,

we must accept

Our unity is found within the land

We rest our head

Created through love,

We are one with the stars

Our breath lead by a force

That connects our hearts

We are not lonely soldiers

In unfamiliar land

We live in perfect belonging

To the seas and the sand

When we get quiet enough,

We learn

That we are not our mind

Or any of the experiences

That have been left behind

We are earth and water

Air and fire

Composed within us lay the blueprint

Of life beyond desire

We have not been misplaced

Upon this rock of truth

We came here to uncover

Each one of our roots

Picked by the stem

Until we can see

That what you hold inside

Is also within me

The air between us holds us in space

So we may find our way back to one unified place

One of connection, and not of mistrust

One that acknowledges each tree

Shares a pattern with us

Misshapen and flawed,

But is that the truth?

Or can you recognize

Nature's beauty

Also lives within you?


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